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Orb Wii

Turn Your TV into a Media Center

Wow Wii -- All your media on your TV
To ensure you have the best MyCasting experience, we have developed some simple guidelines and tips. Be sure and check back to this page for updates and enhancements to Orb and Nintendo Wii. Also, please feel free to post comments on the Orb Forums page.

Download Orb today

The software and the service are FREE. And there’s no additional hardware to buy or install. To download Orb onto your home PC:

  1. Download Orb onto your Windows home PC and follow the instructions for setting up your account.
  2. Plug your Wii into your TV.
  3. Go to the SHOP channel on your Wii and download the Opera browser. When the download is complete, the Internet Channel will be visible on the main Wii menu so you can access the Internet from your Wii remote.
  4. Select the Internet Channel from the main Wii menu. Type in into the Opera Browser, and enter your Orb login and password.
  5. Be sure to leave the PC turned on in order to access the photos, music and other media stored there.

That’s it – Now anytime you want, you can turn on the TV from your couch, fire up your Wii to the Internet channel and use Orb to unlock your digital content on your PC!

If you are having trouble streaming your media from your PC to your TV, see our FAQ for help.




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